This ITUP report looks at public plan choice, the “public option,” through a California lens.

Notes from the Field

Immigrant Communities in California Under the Cloud of Immigration Enforcement

Snapshot: Remaining Uninsured in California

Prior to the ACA, the uninsured rate for nonelderly Californians persisted around 20 percent. Although California’s implementation of the ACA dramatically reduced the number of uninsured, nearly three million uninsured Californians remain.

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California’s Health Care Safety Net

June 26, 2018

ITUP is pleased to release a new report, California's Health Care Safety Net, the first in a new ITUP series, Health Policy Essentials, highlighting the basics on California health care programs and policy issues. This first issue brief focuses on the programs, providers and populations that make-up the state’s health care safety net for low-income and underserved communities.

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California Strategies: Covering California’s Remaining Uninsured and Improving Affordability

June 7, 2018

This issue brief analyzes policy proposals advanced this year to move the state closer to universal coverage by focusing on the challenges many Californians face.

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California Legislature Passes State Budget for 2018-19

June 15, 2018

The 2018-19 fiscal year (FY) budget passed by the Legislature increases state funding for higher education, child care, and social service programs for low-income and homeless Californians. While the Senate and Assembly versions of the budget included multiple augmentations aimed at covering specific subgroups of the remaining uninsured, the final budget compromise left all of them unfunded.

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Challenge of Covering the Remaining Uninsured Falls to the Next California Governor

June 12, 2018

The California Legislature is poised to formally adopt the state budget for 2018-19 this week. The deal struck between legislators and Governor Jerry Brown leaves the challenge of ensuring access to health coverage for California’s three million uninsured to the next Governor, who will take office in January 2019.

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2018 ITUP Regional Workgroups

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! ITUP regional workgroups bring together local leaders for constructive dialogue and creative problem solving to expand access and improve the health of Californians.

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22nd Annual ITUP Conference

Thank you for attending the 22nd Annual ITUP Conference, Advancing Health in California: No Matter What. Conference materials and other resources now available!

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2017 L.A. Health Collaborative

Thank you for participating! Check out the meeting materials from the October Collaborative.

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