ITUP Blog Series: 2020 Notes from the Field

September 29, 2021

ITUP’s Annual Regional Workgroups 

Each year, ITUP convenes regional workgroups throughout California. ITUP regional workgroups bring together local health care leaders for sessions of constructive dialogue, problem-solving, and identification of creative policy solutions. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020 workgroups were held virtually rather than in-person for the first time. ITUP saw more people participate and a broader array of health care delivery system sectors attend due to the virtual platform.  

This blog series highlights key findings from the 2020 ITUP regional workgroup discussions on Challenges and Best Practices in Local COVID-19 Responses specific to the pandemic’s impact on enrollment and health care coverage. The discussions were timely and informative and reflect the complexity of the interconnected issues COVID-19 poses to Californians. Please find ITUP’s 2021 Workgroup Schedule here. 

Blog Series:

Coverage and Enrollment During COVID-19

Local Lessons in Telehealth During COVID-19 

Sharing COVID-19 Pandemic Community Success Stories