Who We Are


ITUP is an independent, nonprofit, health policy institute that has been a central voice in the California health care and health reform landscape for more than two decades. ITUP serves as a trusted expert, grounded in statewide and regional connections with a network of policymakers, health care leaders, and stakeholders. The mission of ITUP is to promote innovative and workable policy solutions that expand health care access and improve the health of Californians.


ITUP  believes that all Californians should have the resources they need to preserve and improve health. In pursuit of this vision, ITUP provides California policymakers, health care stakeholders, and health coverage media with timely and rigorous research and analysis, accessible explainers, and forums for discussing and developing policy options to preserve and expand health care coverage and continue progress on broader state-based health reforms. 


 ITUP seeks a health care system that is: 

Universal – All Californians are eligible for comprehensive health coverage and services, including primary and preventive health care services. 

Accessible – Californians have access to coverage choices and services that are available, timely, and appropriate. 

Affordable – Coverage and care are affordable for public and private purchasers and for consumers at the point of care. 

Effective – Health care and related support services are cost-effective, coordinated, and high-quality. 

Equitable – Californians can expect fair access and treatment regardless of age, health status, income, language, race or ethnicity, gender, immigration status, geographic region, and public or private coverage. 


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