Who We Are

ITUP is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and health policy institute that for more than two decades has offered expert analysis and facilitated convenings of California health leaders on emerging issues affecting health and health policy in the state.


The mission of ITUP is to promote innovative and workable policy solutions that expand health care access and improve the health of Californians, through policy-focused research and broad-based stakeholder engagement.


All Californians have the resources they need to preserve and improve health.


ITUP seeks a health care system that is:


All Californians are eligible for comprehensive health coverage and services, including primary and preventive health care services


Californians have access to coverage choices and services that are available, timely and appropriate


Coverage and care are affordable for public and private purchasers and for consumers at the point of care


Health care and related support services are cost-effective, coordinated, and high-quality


Californians can expect fair access and treatment regardless of age, health status, income, language, race or ethnicity, gender, immigration status, geographic region, public or private coverage

What We Do

As an independent facilitator and honest broker, ITUP seeks common ground among diverse stakeholders and establishes connections among health care payers, providers, government, and advocates.

Based on policy research and real-world practical information from an extensive network of community health care leaders, ITUP educates and informs policymakers on policy challenges and opportunities, best practices from around the state, and innovative options to improve access and health outcomes.

To advance the implementation of health reform in California, ITUP hosts an annual statewide conference in Sacramento and facilitates regional workgroups and statewide issue workgroups on topics affecting the health of Californians. ITUP also offers technical assistance, facilitation and consulting services to policymakers, state agencies, researchers, clinics, counties, health plans, and other interested parties.

ITUP is funded primarily by grants from foundations and nonprofit organizations with core funding from The California Endowment, The California Wellness Foundation, The California Community Foundation, Kaiser Permanente and the California Health Care Foundation. ITUP also receives specific project-based contracts.