Webinar Materials: Health Insurance Basics

July 21, 2020

Thank you for attending the Health Insurance Basics Webinar!

ITUP Executive Director Katie Heidorn walked through the latest ITUP Fact Sheet that overviews who qualifies for, pays for, and regulates different sources of health insurance in California.

Attendees engaged in a question and answer session with Katie and learned more about key definitions and questions Californians seeking care should be asking when choosing health insurance coverage.

ITUP is thankful for everyone who participated and made this ITUP webinar a success. Stay tuned for more ITUP webinars. If you have remaining questions please email us at info@itup.org


 Katie Heidorn
Executive Director, ITUP


Webinar Materials

ITUP Fact sheet: Health Insurance Basics 

Webinar Slides: Health Insurance Basics

Webinar Recording