Online Symposium: The New Health Care Industry

February 25, 2016

The health care industry has undergone significant transformation, one of the most notable aspects being a wave of mergers and acquisitions that have led to an increase in market consolidation. While the fact that these changes are happening is indisputable, it remains an area of hot debate as to how these changes will impact the sector in the long run. Proponents of consolidation suggest that it can achieve economies of scale that result in better care quality and innovation, while opponents believe that any potential savings obtained from consolidation are rarely passed on as either innovation or care quality improvement.

Health Affairs is holding a special online symposium on this topic, hot off of the heels of a conference titled The New Health Care Industry, held recently at the Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy at the Yale Law School. Over the next couple of days, they will be posting a number of articles looking at three key themes:

  • What is the effect of consolidation on innovation?
  • The risk on incompleteness in transformation
  • The proper law enforcement balance

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