ITUP Releases Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s Recent Rulings

July 3, 2024

ITUP Releases Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s Recent Rulings 

“Last Friday, the Supreme Court issued multiple rulings that jeopardize our progress toward achieving health equity. The Supreme Court’s recent rulings will have grave consequences for our systems of care and creates new barriers for our country’s most vulnerable communities.

Insure the Uninsured Project (ITUP)’s top priority has always been to advocate for the protection of our communities of care, envisioning a future state where all Californians have access to equitable opportunities to live their healthiest lives.

By overturning the Chevron doctrine, the Supreme Court has compromised federal agencies’ ability to implement regulations that protect public health. Instead of allowing agencies to continue implementing regulations based on their expertise, this ruling will now limit their authority. This shift may lead to uncertainty in how health-related laws are implemented, potentially eroding efforts to ensure equitable access to healthcare nationwide.

In addition to the overturning of the Chevron doctrine, the Supreme Court delivered a significant setback to human rights. The Court has sided with cities that wish to punish people experiencing homelessness. Specifically, individuals could be subject to criminal and civil penalties for sleeping in public spaces.

ITUP is concerned about the Supreme Court’s recent rulings and the impact on health outcomes and health equity nationwide. We stand ready to partner with our sister organizations, legislators, and government officials to mitigate the effects of the Supreme Court rulings on California’s communities of care.”