ITUP Convenes CalAIM Listening Sessions – Final Takeaways

October 20, 2022

Final Takeaways from ITUP Listening Sessions on CalAIM Implementation

Learn more about the CalAIM initiative and read local insights and additional opportunities to support implementation across the state.

The CalAIM initiative is a major step towards creating a health care delivery system that centers the needs of California communities served by the Medi-Cal program — and implementation is moving forward quickly.

ITUP convened nine listening sessions across the state to gain insights into CalAIM implementation from the local partners carrying out this initiative and to identify opportunities to further support this transformative work. These statewide listening sessions specifically focused on how the Medi-Cal program is building partnerships with community-based organizations to deliver CalAIM’s Enhanced Care Management and Community Support benefits.

ITUP heard in every listening session that local stakeholders are “building the plane as they’re flying it.” It is vital that we continue to monitor and make necessary adjustments during the implementation phase of CalAIM to develop an effective and sustainable program that makes the goals of CalAIM meaningful for Medi-Cal members across California.

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