2023 ITUP Annual Conference Materials


Thank you for attending the ITUP 2023 Conference!

ITUP’s Annual Conference brought together California’s most prominent health leaders and stakeholders to share their insights as California collectively strives towards creating a more equitable health system. At ITUP’s first in-person conference since 2020, attendees once again re-connected with colleagues and cultivated new relationships! ITUP’s 27th Annual Conference, Cultivating an Equitable Future of Health, highlighted key strategies to make health care coverage meaningful and discussed what’s needed going forward to create an equitable health system for all Californians.

2023 Pre-Conference Speakers

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2023 General Session Speakers

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2023 Breakout Speakers

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Event Materials

Speaker Presentations

General Session:

Powerpoint Presentation -Dr. Mark Ghaly

PowerPoint Presentation -Selwyn Hollins


PowerPoint Presentation – Beyond Crisis Where is our Health Workforce

PowerPoint Presentation – Going Above and Beyond with Community Health Data-Exchange

PowerPoint Presentation – Health Policy Solutions for California Farmworkers

PowerPoint Presentation – Innovative Care for the Unhoused LA County Case Study

PowerPoint Presentation – Systemic Change Innovations Fostering an Anti-Racist Health Care System

PowerPoint Presentation – The Promise of Equitable, Accessible, and Quality Virtual Care

PowerPoint Presentation – Ensuring our Future – A Focus on California’s Children and Youth Behavioral Health

Speaker Handouts

Martha Santana-Chin Handout – Health Net Drives Health Equity Across California

Lishaun Francis Handout – 2023 CA Scorecard of Children’s Well-Being

Sunne Wright McPeak Handout – CETF and the Digital Equity Coalition 2023 Policy Briefing Book

Sunne Wright McPeak Handout – CETF Progress Report 2023 Achieving Digital Equity for Community Justice

Timi Leslie Handout – California Data Sharing Agreement and Policies and Procedures

ITUP Resources

Here is a list of ITUP’s most recent publications and programmatic materials, including recordings of past events. 

Session Recordings

The conference sessions are available upon request. Please reach out to Conference@itup.org.


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