L.A. Health Collaborative – April 27, 2021

Thank you for attending the 2021 L.A. Health Collaborative

The ITUP L.A. Health Collaborative meets twice a year and brings together safety net stakeholders and local health care leaders in L.A. County. More than 100 attendees benefit from program updates and consider emerging issues and challenges in a webinar format.

The first L.A. Health Collaborative of 2021  explored lessons learned and the future of the health care delivery system post-pandemic. As millions of people in Los Angeles, statewide, and across the nation continue to get their COVID-19 vaccination, the hope for recovery from the pandemic becomes more realistic. It will be important to take lessons learned throughout the pandemic and leverage them to create a more equitable, accessible health care delivery system beyond the pandemic.

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ITUP is thankful for everyone who participated and made this ITUP webinar a success. Stay tuned for more ITUP webinars. If you have remaining questions please email us at info@itup.com

Webinar Materials

L.A. Health Collaborative Presentation

ITUP Fact sheet: Health Insurance Basics 

ITUP Fact Sheet: Medicare and Health for Aging Californians

ITUP Blog: 2021 Introduced Legislation

Webinar Recording

L.A. Health Collaborative Recording