Month: March 2018

Stabilizing the Individual Market after Federal Efforts Stall

March 28, 2018

When President Trump signed the federal Omnibus spending bill on March 23, 2018, the bill did not include language or funding to stabilize the individual market under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). A bipartisan group of lawmakers had been working on strategies to prevent major premium…

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Exploring Public Options in California

March 20, 2018

This ITUP report looks at public plan choice, the “public option,” through a California lens. ITUP identifies the unique circumstances in California relevant for the discussion about public options and outlines how a California public option might be structured. California…

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Testimony: Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Care for College Students

March 14, 2018

Joint Senate Committee on Health and Senate Committee on Education Informational Hearing. (more…)

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2017-18 Legislative Session Bills in California

March 12, 2018

The deadline for introducing legislation in the second year of the 2017-18 legislative session was last month. Health Committees in both houses begin bill hearings this week on 2018 bills and on two-year bills that remain eligible for action. Preserving Affordable Care Act (ACA)…

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