June 30, 2009

[Post by Adam Dougherty, MPH]

Hello and welcome to the ITUP Spotlight on Health Reform blog! For the readers that I haven’t met personally, my name is Adam Dougherty and I have been with ITUP for the past year as the Senior Research Analyst, while also recently finishing my MPH at USC. We at ITUP have been very busy as of late with all the activity surrounding federal reform. ITUP hopes to continue to be a resource and after arriving in Washington, DC last week, I look forward to acting as a correspondent for all our constituents in California and beyond.

Be you an experienced policy wonk, health professional, county employee, educator, or student, I hope to provide you with up-to-date information as well as a glimpse into the hardfought efforts being undertaken here in DC for comprehensive health reform. Throughout the summer I will use this blog to address various perspectives on hot topic issues, and I urge readers to express their own comments/questions/concerns as well. For more in-depth analyses, refer to the e-newsletter I will be providing as well as the library of valuable resources at: www.itup.org.