Tell Your Network To Enroll

March 28, 2014

Open enrollment for Exchange coverage ends in THREE days. Now is the time to make a last pitch to anyone you know who is un- or under-insured.

We ask you to take this opportunity to contact your networks – colleagues, distant cousins, childhood friends, neighbors, procrastinators, anyone out there who needs coverage. Let them know that an incredible opportunity is before them, but only for a limited time.

ITUP has compiled messages, videos, and images that you can use to talk about signing up. Scroll down past the hilarious pictures for a letter that’s easy to copy and paste into an email to your contacts.

Send your son or daughter one of these hilarious e-cards from AARP.



For the animal lover in your life,

adorable care act


For the guy’s guy,




For the empowered woman,



For the Spanish speaker,




For the internet troll,




For the TV addict,

breaking bad



For the comedian,

between two ferns


For the celebrity gossip fanatic,


For someone looking for a simple explanation,


For the movie buff,

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You can also copy this message and email it to the masses:


Dear Friends,

You may have heard about this little thing called Obamacare. I am writing partially to guilt you into signing up, but really to give it to you straight. You need coverage. It’s the responsible choice, regardless of age or health. You need to protect yourself and your future in case you get in an accident or get sick. And now, with Obamacare, insurance is affordable. You could even save money by getting covered.

How much do you spend every month on your cell phone bill? More than we’d like, but health insurance might cost even less than that. Now is the time to find out what options are out there: 6 million people already have.

This Monday March 31 is the last day to sign up; if you miss this opportunity, you’ll have to wait until November to sign up again. But you don’t have to decide on a plan this second, as long as you start an application by Monday, you can finish it and enroll by April 15. It takes just a few minutes to start an application, and this extension gives you more time to think about your options.

If you need help applying or have questions, there is plenty of assistance available. Counselors and agents can help you enroll in person and questions are also accepted by phone at 1-800-300-1506 and online at

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Protect your health, finances, and your future and enroll now at

 We nag because we care about you and your well-being. So does Oprah.