Summary of the United States Census Bureau Current Population Survey

September 16, 2015

ITUP’s summary of the United States Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey is now available.

Some of the key noted in the summary:

  • About 46.7 million (14.8% of the population) lives in poverty about the same as the prior year.
  • Median household income is $53,657 about the same as the past three years.
  • About 33 million (10.4% of the population) are uninsured in 2014 down from the 42 million the prior year due to ACA implementation.
  • Massachusetts leads the nation with 3.3% of its residents uninsured, and Texas brings up the rear at 19.1% uninsured.
  • Kentucky led the nation in reducing its uninsured rates by 5.8 points from 14.3% uninsured to 8.5% uninsured. Other leading states are Nevada (5.5%), West Virginia (5.4%), Oregon (4.9%) and California (4.7%).
  • Coverage increased roughly equally for private individual insurance (the Exchanges like Covered California) and for Medicaid (Medi-Cal).
  • Coverage rates are now 98.6% for those over 65, 93.8% for those under 18, 89% for those 45-64 and 82% for those ages 26-34. The greatest increases in coverage were for those between the ages of 19 and 34.

ITUP’s complete summary of the report may be downloaded here.

The original findings can be viewed at the US Census Bureau: Income and Poverty in the United States: 2014 and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2014.