Summary of Gallup Poll on State's Progress in Reducing the Numbers of Uninsured

August 11, 2015

The latest Gallup Poll findings showed California ranked 6th in the nation by successfully reducing its rates of uninsured from 21.6% to 11.8%.

Arkansas led the nation with a reduction from 22.5% uninsured to 9.1% uninsured. Kentucky reduced its rates of uninsured from 20.4% to 9.0%. Oregon reduced its uninsured rate from 19.4% to 8,8%, Rhode Island reduced its uninsured rate from 13.3% to 2.7% and Washington cut its uninsured rates from 16,8% to 6.4%.

Six states now have uninsured rates of 5% or less – Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Minnesota and Iowa.

Even in a state that have led the resistance to the ACA, such as Texas, the uninsured fell from 27.0% to 20.8%. In Florida, which is still badly divided on adopting the Medicaid expansion, the uninsured rate dropped from 22.1% to 15.2%.

The full poll findings may be accessed on the Gallup website.

This ITUP summary is available for download.