Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

April 11, 2014

I think we should remember Secretary Sebelius for her results: over 7.5 million enrolled in the Exchanges in the first six months, coverage for young adults through their parents, very slow rise in health care costs, extending the viability and improving the performance of Medicare, and the beginnings of transparency in health spending, prices, and outcomes. Californians will particularly remember her for the 2010 Section 1115 waiver which allowed California’s counties to get a running head start on Medicaid enrollment – 650,000 covered even before ObamaCare launched on October 1. Certainly the federal Exchange computers crashed on her watch due to a combination of poor design and massive public interest, but they got fixed, and enrollment beat everyone’s expectations.

I will remember her best as a Cincinnati “homie”. If I remember correctly, her Dad (finished 1st) and my Dad (finished 18th) ran for City Council on the same Charter Party ticket back in 1953.