Preparing for the Affordable Care Act: An Examination of Coverage Expansions in L.A. County: Outreach, Enrollment, Retention and Utilization

January 23, 2013

The ACA’s vision for eligibility and enrollment focuses on a first-class customer experience that envisions consumers will have the information and assistance required to make the process simple and easy to navigate.  This will include simplified and streamlined systems that will comprise a single door to enter and multiple methods to apply for coverage, a single application form, minimal documentation, culturally and linguistically appropriate consumer assistance, understandable explanation of coverage, and consumer-friendly design and access. This report will provide an overview of opportunities presented by the ACA, conduct an assessment of the multiple coverage expansions and transitions impacting L.A. County, and offer recommendations about how the County may create a no-wrong door approach to enrollment.  Our hope is that this report will be informative to local stakeholders, stakeholders from other counties and on the state level, and to other interested groups and consumers.

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