Looking Forward

January 7, 2014

In this set of papers, we are trying to set out the options, possibilities and some recommendations for the evolution of California’s health care system for the rest of this decade. We must clarify where we are going in order to make the best decisions possible on all these issues facing California’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). To do so, we will need a coherent policy direction, not a series of ad hoc decisions.

These papers will be released in installments throughout the following weeks leading up to ITUP’s 18th Annual Conference. You can download each piece by clicking on the links below.


Challenges for California Looking Forward
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This introductory piece opens by highlighting key decision points that California will face in the near future. It goes on to briefly describe California’s current model of health coverage, and goes over the changes to the health care system brought on by the Affordable Care Act. The paper concludes by presenting five options for more thorough reforms in California, and our recommendations.


Potential Models for the Evolution of Employment Based Coverage
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The second installment begins with a brief overview of the current state of employment-based coverage in California, then focuses primarily on potential models of evolution for employment-based coverage, and concludes with ITUP’s recommendations going forward.


Financing Health Coverage in California
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The third part of the series takes a comprehensive look at how health care is financed in the United States. It briefly goes over the different types of health coverage (e.g., employer-based, individual market, Medicaid, Medicare) and how they are currently financed. The paper also includes how the ACA impacts these different areas of coverage, and ITUP’s policy recommendations for how California can improve the financing of the different programs.


Payment and Delivery System Reforms
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The U.S. health care system has two major problems: high prices and subpar outcomes. This fourth installment looks at different ways to restructure the payment and delivery system to simultaneously drive done costs and improve results in the American health system.


The Changing Roles of Government(s)
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The penultimate installment of the series looks at the evolving roles of the federal, state, and county governments in the health care system under the ACA, and ITUP’s recommendations for what each can do in the near future to continue to improve care and coverage to Californians.


Program Evolutions
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ITUP’s Looking Forward series concludes with a look at how Medi-Cal, Covered California, Providers, and other programs must evolve for California to have an effective and sustainable health care system.