Len Nichols' Thoughts from DC, First General Session

February 10, 2010

“Emotion is as high as the snow, but people have not given up.”

“Somewhere along the way we have lost the trust in democracy…we need to restore that trust.”

“When Kennedy and Hatch could no longer talk, Hatch was hurt and hurt turned to anger in the Finance Committee. Grassley worked closely with Baucus, though, and remained involved until the August rhetoric began. There were direct quotes from Iowa saying that if Grassley voted for the bill, he would be challenged directly on this platform in the next primary election. That is when bipartisanship died.”

“The likelihood of Republicans contributing positively is near zero, I’m sad to say”

“The Democrats can now either lead or follow. To follow is the path of least resistance, but is unacceptable.”

“Progressives are angry the end game is so senate-heavy, and centrists are worried about their district seats especially where Obama lost by up to 20 points.”

“The policy community is certain that the Senate bill plus a ‘sidecar’ bill is clearly better than doing nothing, but the calculus of the voting members includes the personal views of the constituents’ distrust.”

“Do we want to go to the people with nothing?”