ITUP hosts regional and statewide issue stakeholder workgroups each year in locations across the state. ITUP workgroups bring together local health care leaders for constructive dialogue, problem-solving and identification of creative policy solutions that expand access and improve the health of Californians. Workgroup findings provide ITUP with information and timely updates from the field to inform ITUP research and communications. ITUP workgroups provide attendees with real-time updates on state and federal health care policy as well as a unique opportunity to network and learn about local collaboration opportunities and emerging best practices from diverse colleagues in the region.


2018 ITUP Regional Workgroups

ITUP regional workgroups bring together local leaders for constructive dialogue and creative problem solving to expand access and improve the health of Californians.

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2017 L.A. Health Collaborative

Thank you for participating! Check out the meeting materials from the October Collaborative.

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2017 Workgroups were a great success!

Thank you to all attendees! Notes for ITUP 2017 regional workgroups will be available soon.

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