2019 L.A. Health Collaborative

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November 4 L.A. Health Collaborative

The ITUP L.A. Health Collaborative meets twice a year and brings together safety net stakeholders and local health care leaders engaged in health reform in L.A. County.

More than 100 attendees benefit from program updates and consider emerging issues and challenges in lively small group discussions.

This meeting of the LA Collaborative will focus on the Medi-Cal program and important federal Medicaid waivers that are expiring in 2020. California relies on the expiring waivers to administer key Medi-Cal programs including managed care, county mental health and substance use disorder services, and the Whole Person Care pilots.

The state Department of Health Care Services is expected to release a concept paper for the future of Medi-Cal and the waivers on October 29. The LA Collaborative will provide a timely update on the issues and approaches the state will be considering, the potential impacts for the LA County health care safety net, and an update on the 2019 legislative session that just ended.

The Collaborative will be held November 4, 2019, from 1:00 Р3:30 p.m. at The California Endowment offices, 1000 Alameda Street, Yosemite A, Los Angeles. Lite snacks will be provided.  

Due to reaching maximum capacity at the California Endowment, registration is now closed.

If you have any questions, contact External Affairs Coordinator Emili LaBass at emili@itup.org.

Meeting Materials and Sponsors: July 8 L.A. Health Collaborative

Below are the meeting materials and sponsors from the July 8 L.A. Health Collaborative. If you any questions or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact External Affairs Coordinator Emili LaBass at 916-226-3899, x406 or emili@itup.org.

A Big Thank You to everyone who participated!

Los Angeles Regional Profile
California State Profile
Care Coordination Discussion Guide
Care Coordination 1 Pager 
ITUP L.A. Health Collaborative Presentation
Los Angeles County Whole Person Care Presentation

If you would like to participate in a future event as a sponsor or have questions, please contact External Affairs Coordinator Emili LaBass at 916-226-3899, x406 or emili@itup.org.

Sponsorship offsets a portion of event costs including staffing, catering, and materials. ITUP will acknowledge all funders and sponsors leading up to the L.A. Health Collaborative on the ITUP website and in onsite materials.

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