Congratulations, Californians

April 9, 2014

It appears as if we have at least 3.2 million newly enrolled in Medi-Cal (2 million) and Covered California (1.2 million). Another 500,000 Californians began their applications before the March 31 deadline and have until April 15 to complete them. These are phenomenal numbers in just six months. And nationally, 7.1 million are enrolled in the new Exchanges.

We all exceeded expectations and now to need to learn what worked and what did not. The ACA gloom and doomsayers were dealt yet another blow. This is due to the hard work, dedication and cooperation of so many California heroes. But we need to focus now on seeing that people get the health care, the improved patient outcomes, the customer services and treatment by their providers and health plans that they expect and deserve.

ITUP’s regional workgroups start next week, and we hope for a healthy discussion of what worked and what did not. ACA implementation is a work in progress, but in California, this has been an incredible first step on the path forward.

The next open enrollment for Covered California is only seven months away. During the interim, if eligible, you can enroll in Medi-Cal at any time. If during this interim period, you experience a loss of coverage due to “life events” such as job loss or change, divorce, marriage, birth death or other qualifying events you can enroll in Covered California, if otherwise eligible.

Lucien Wulsin, ITUP

April 9, 2014