California Opioid Safety Network Accelerator Program Job Openings

November 1, 2017

The California Opioid Safety Network Accelerator Program is seeking motivated college graduates who are interested in engaging with communities working to reduce opioid-related death. Although California has not been impacted as severely as other areas in the country, there are still too many communities throughout the state who struggle with families facing addiction on a daily basis. The AmeriCorps VISTA Program is hiring up to 40 individuals who would be federal employees, with benefits, placed in communities where they would actively help to create, expand, and organize community efforts.

The program will be operated by the Public Health Institute’s (PHI) Center for Health Leadership and Practice. PHI will support the activities of the California Opioid Safety Network Accelerator Program, which are structured to provide support, learning opportunities, and services to Opioid Safety Coalitions throughout California.

Read the full job description here.