Author: Kiwon Yoo

2013 OSHPD Clinic and Hospital Data Summaries

January 7, 2015

The attachments below are data overviews of OSHPD's 2013 utilization and financial data for clinics and hospitals. Providers were analyzed by region, as well as by type. For the purposes of our analyses, non-comparable facilities (Kaiser, Shriners) were excluded. [download id="780"…

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Improving the Health of People Experiencing Homelessness: Issues and Recommendations

December 5, 2014

California’s decision to expand its Medicaid program provides federal funding opportunities to improve the health of its most vulnerable residents. Individuals experiencing homelessness have much to gain from Medi-Cal coverage, particularly considering that the homeless are in poorer…

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ER Visits Slowing at LA County Public Hospitals

August 27, 2014

A recent analysis of 75 hospitals by the Los Angeles Times found that visits to Los Angeles County ERs slowed in the first three months of ACA implementation. Between January and March of 2014, ER visits by patients who didn’t require hospitalization increased 1.7% at county facilities,…

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No, not that CHCF

August 6, 2014

Have you heard of the California Health Care Facility? Aside from it sharing an acronym with the California HealthCare Foundation, you may not know much about this almost-purposefully-blandly-named facility. But if you knew more about it, you may develop some strong feelings on the…

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June 27, 2014

Even though half of the 32 World Cup finalists have already been eliminated, that will not stop this health nerd from spending too much time with the World Health Organization’s world health statistics in determining arbitrary winners and losers in cherry-picked statistics (because…

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The Tragedy of Prison Health Care in California: An Extended Timeline

April 22, 2014

While the Affordable Care Act has ensured that millions of Californians have access to affordable, quality health care, the same cannot be said for California’s prison and county jail inmates.  This timeline chronicles the fraught history of the state’s prison health care system,…

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Birthday gif(t)s

March 27, 2014

Happy belated fourth birthday, ACA. We totally didn't forget. Apologies for not mentioning it earlier, but everyone is a little busy right now. If not, they should be.

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