ACA enrollment tops 2.2 million in California

February 13, 2014

Yesterday the federal government announced that 728,086 individuals enrolled in Covered California by February 1. Additionally, 850,000 people (in addition to the roughly 630,000 individuals transitioning from LIHPs) were deemed eligible for Medi-Cal.

Together, more than 2.2 million people in California have coverage thanks to the ACA. Let that sink in a moment. This is nothing short of outstanding.

feb cal enroll

Nationally, more than 10 million people have applied for Exchange, Medicaid, or CHIP coverage. Over 45% of applicants (3.3 million) found eligible enrolled in plans through the Exchange, while nearly 3.2 million individuals were deemed eligible for Medicaid and CHIP (although this does not include individuals approved by state Medicaid agencies). In California, more than 72% of those found eligible for Covered California enrolled.

California is still completely dominating all other states, with the largest number of enrollments bar far. Second only to us is Florida with 296,892 Exchange enrollments and Kentucky with 190,555 Medicaid/CHIP enrollments. Our Exchange is closing in on 2 million applications submitted and our Medi-Cal enrollment accounts for more than 46% of national totals. While we love to brag about California, when adjusted for population size, smaller states like Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and North Carolina are enrolling large numbers of individuals.

feb nat enroll

Of the California enrollees, most of the demographics (age, sex) and plan choices (heavy silver enrollment with some bronze) stayed flat when compared to enrollment in October through December. Enrollment of young invincibles remained at 25% in California, increasing only slightly on a national level. Highly anticipated figures on enrollment by ethnicity and language will be available in the coming weeks.

Check out the full report issued by HHS, which details enrollment state by state.