4.1 Million in ACA Coverage in CA

April 17, 2014

Covered California announced the final enrollment tally for the first open enrollment period today: Nearly 1.4 million people enrolled in private plans through Covered California, 1.9 million enrolled in Medi-Cal, and an additional 800,000 people are pending enrollment in Medi-Cal. The total number of people enrolled in coverage thanks to the ACA: 4.1 million in California. This is nothing short of a huge accomplishment for California. We’re holding back exclamation points and cartwheels.

At the end of March, the Exchange had enrolled over 1.2 million individuals, but allowed anyone who started an application by March 31 to complete it through April 15. The sign-up extension into April brought another surge of sign-ups – more than 50,000 on April 15 alone. All in all, applications for 5 million individuals were submitted during the first six months. A vast majority (88%) of enrollees qualify for federal subsidies. In every region and demographic, projections have been surpassed. Young people enrolled on target – 29% of Covered California enrollees and 36% of Medi-Cal enrollees are between the ages of 18 and 34. Latino enrollment expanded greatly towards the end of open enrollment, totaling more than 300,000 individuals.

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Screenshot 2014-04-17 15.09.03


The new data that is currently fascinating our office: enrollment pathways, or how people signed up. In Covered California, 41% of individuals enrolled themselves, while 39% enrolled with the help of agents/brokers, 9% signed up via the call center, and an additional 9% utilized certified enrollment counselors.

Anthem Blue Cross enrolled the most Californians, totaling 30% of sign-ups, followed by Blue Shield (27%), Health Net at 19%, and Kaiser Permanente at 17%. A vast majority of enrollees selected Silver (62%) or Bronze (26%) plans.

A few exciting updates:

  • 85% of enrollees have paid their first premium
  • Enrollments in March averaged 13,000 a day
  • 15% of enrollments in Medi-Cal were in Spanish
  • SHOP has now enrolled 1,156 small businesses, covering 4,900 lives.

Look out for more updates and data from this month’s Board meeting.