2019 ITUP Regional Profiles

September 1, 2019

Coverage in California At-a-Glance

The annual ITUP regional profiles for 2019 are available at the links below!

These ITUP “At-a-Glance” publications highlight key coverage facts for the state and by county for each ITUP workgroup region.

The At-a-Glance overviews include the most recent available data on the uninsured, as well as state/county enrollment in Covered California and Medi-Cal (including enrollment by health plan). The 2019 profiles offer enhanced graphics and a county-by-county breakdown of important pilot and demonstration projects, such as the Whole Person Care program.

The At-a-Glance overviews help to inform the regional workgroup conversations.


Document Downloads

California at a Glance
Central Valley Counties
Central Coast Counties
Inland Empire Counties
Orange County
San Diego/Imperial Counties
North Central Counties
Bay Area Counties
North Rural Counties
Los Angeles County