Month: May 2014

Covered California May Board Meeting

May 23, 2014

A number of important topics were discussed at this month’s Covered California Board meeting, with lively debate. Here are the highlights. General Updates Thousands of people are enrolling via special enrollment per day. Next open enrollment should align with the federal dates…

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Cost of Insuring the Undocumented: $700 Million?

May 21, 2014

The Senate Appropriations Committee held a hearing earlier this week on SB 1005, State Senator Ricardo Lara’s “Health for All” bill that would provide full scope Medi-Cal to the undocumented and create a shadow Exchange with premium assistance provided by the State. Estimates…

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Updated – Better Coordinating Coverage for Pregnant Women: Putting Families First

May 19, 2014

Covered California plans and nearly all individual and employer-based health insurance plans offer maternity care.  California covers care for pregnant women through Medi-Cal (up to 200% of FPL), Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM) (up to 300% of FPL) and now Covered California…

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60 Days of Open Enrollment in Covered California for COBRA Subscribers Begins May 15th

May 15, 2014

Individuals with COBRA coverage have 60 days to switch to Covered California. Open enrollment begins May 15th and ends July 15, 2014. Why might one switch? Some COBRA enrollees are eligible for premium assistance that can reduce their monthly premiums. Some Covered California plans…

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Revised State Budget Released

May 13, 2014

Today Governor Brown released a summary of the revised 2014-15 state budget. General fund revenues increase by over $2 billion. Major fund increases go towards reforming and upgrading teacher pension contributions, paying down the “wall of debt,” funding drought relief, and contributing…

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Assistance With Premium Payments and Cost-Sharing – The Non-Federal Share

May 13, 2014

While the Affordable Care Act (extends health insurance to millions of Californians, not all will enroll. Between 3.1 and 4 million Californians may still lack health insurance in 2019. Many of the remaining uninsured will cite costs and affordability of coverage options as the primary…

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UCLA Center for Health Policy Research studies California's Undocumented Population

May 8, 2014

According to a study conducted by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, California’s undocumented immigrant population utilizes services at a dramatically lower rate than the average U.S. citizen. These findings contradict commonly held myths that the undocumented population…

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Early Studies of Health Reform Show Promising Findings

May 7, 2014

With the clear success of the first open enrollment, many now wonder if health reform will succeed in decreasing health care costs and improving health outcomes. Although it is too early to start answering our most pressing questions, studies have released some promising findings. The…

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Insurance for the Undocumented Bill Approved by Health Committee

May 2, 2014

SB 1005, State Senator Ricardo Lara's "Health for All" bill that would provide full scope Medi-Cal to the undocumented and create a shadow Exchange with premium assistance provided by the State, was recently approved 6-1 by the Senate Committee on Health. The bill now moves to the…

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