10 More Reasons to Attain Health Insurance Through Covered CA

February 14, 2015

Open Enrollment closes tomorrow! For those that need a last minute nudge, here are 10 more reason why you should get covered!

1. Because you will need a Doctor’s note when you call into work sick and go fishing instead

2. In case your new belly piercing gets infected

3. Because you need glasses to watch movies on your Iphone

4. So you don’t have to make a choice between setting your broken leg or buying a new snow board after your awesome crash

5. Your asthma is keeping you from achieving the Genius Book of World Record for underwater belching

6. Because giving up your morning triple shot toasted coconut and salted caramel macchiato would make life not worth living

7. You need professional help when your friend refuses to help you put that stuff on your gnarly toenail fungus again

8. When an ambulance ride to the ER cuts into the vacation fund that you saved by eating nothing but ramen noodles (the freeze-dried kind) for the past two years

9. When you eat a habanero pepper (with seeds) that your ex-friend told you was “not hot at all” and now you have a hole in your tongue the size of a jawbreaker!!!!

10. Because all the cool kids have CoveredCA Health Insurance Cards!